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AI-powered real-time posture monitoring app on your Mac

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Based on the latest AI research
Deep Neural Network
On-device training
Computer Vision
Personalized Machine Learning
Depth Analysis
Real Time

What our customers say

" Definitely need this app in my life! Congrats on the launch, really excited to try it out and see if it has any effect on my back pain. ”


“Thanks for making this available. I have horrible posture and am excited to try this out!”


All the powerful AI in one app

Latest technologies and breakthroughs in machine learning and computer vision

Minimum Requirements

All you need is a Mac (Big Sur) with a front camera.

Privacy Focused

Your posture data never leaves your device, period.


Accurate detection based on your unique posture.

Latest AI

On-device Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision.

Quick Setup

Up and running in less than a minute.

Use PostureNet at work
Use PostureNet at home
Use PostureNet when you travel

Use It Everywhere

You don't even need the internet because the model is trained on-device.

Teach the machine about your posture

Good posture. Sit straight up, eyes one arm away from your computer.

Bad posture. Slouching causes neck pain, back pain, dry eyes and even headaches.

By the numbers

Maintain a healthy posture and bring more productivity

Many people have started using PostureNet to improve their posture.


Hours of research




Test users


Can you explain to me (technically) how PostureNet works?

Great question.

It requires a bit of explanation, in high level, PostureNet is a deep neural network based on the latest computer vision and AI technologies.

Learn more details about posturenet.


Is Posture Net only for Mac?

Yes, right now, the app only runs on Mac (Big Sur).

Posture Net takes advantage of many advanced ML features that the Mac platform provides to us such as Core ML and computer vision.

If you would like to see Posture Net on other platforms, please feel free to let us know.


What are the system requirements?

To use Posture Net you need:

1. A Mac that runs the latest macOS 11(Big Sur).

2. The Mac is equipped with a front camera.


Does it work on external monitor?

Unfortunately, the current version (1.4) doesn't support an external monitor's camera feed yet. But we are adding a new feature which will allow you to choose which camera (built-in or external) in our next release.

Why do I have to show PostureNet my posture?

Great question.

First of all, none of your posture data leaves your machine.

We do not collect any of your posture data, nor did we share it with anyone.

But the app does need to understand your unique posture to be able to remind you when your posture is bad.

You are basically teaching your Mac how to differentiate good postures from bad postures.


When should I reset my posture data?

Posture Net works best when your computer camera is in a 'stable' environment.

If you switched to another environment, e.g., moved from office to home or sitting to standing, the app may still think you are in the previous setting and not perform as well as before.

When you switch to a new environment or notice the detection is inaccurate, most often, it's because your postured data had become different than when you first configured it.

That's when it is a good time to reset it.

Invest in yourself

Improve your posture today

Stop slouching and say goodbye to neck pain, upper back tensions.

posturenet's download link at Apple's Mac App Store